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RIITB_MasterMillI’m not even out of the teens yet on the New Canadian Library list and we are on another Fredrick Philip Grove book. I wrote about Grove and his life years ago in this post so if you feel you need a refresher go and take a look. His life was more interesting than his writing.

To be honest I really wanted to like this book. The premise as at least somewhat interesting:

A penetrating story of three generations of mill-owners in Canada, The Master of the Mill is one of Frederick Philip Grove’s most powerful novels. To his poetic interpretation of man’s relationship with nature Grove has added a new protagonist – the machine. The result is a strong novel of vast industrial empires and ruthless men, in which the political and social scene in Canada is set forth with the utmost skill.

I wanted to like this book as a big sweeping epic of Canada but it dragged. Oh man, does this book drag. I guess that is why people aren’t still reading it. I think the most interesting thing about this book is that all the main women in Senator Samuel Clark’s life are named Maud (there are three Mauds in the book) and I think that would probably be only of interest to Sara O’Leary, Alexis Kienlen and myself because we keep having conversations about Mauds or Maudes.

Still, even though this book was dragging I was determined to finish it. But then I was diagnosed with cancer and, well, I’m not finishing anything I’m not thoroughly enjoying these days. Life is too short etc. etc. I would much rather have a conversation about how many great Maud/e’s are out there in the world.

Death toll: It goes through many generations. There are many deaths. None of them are particularly interesting because none of the characters are interesting enough to hold our attention or gain our sympathy.

Next book on the list is Sara Jeannette Duncan‘s The Imperialist. Has anyone else read this? Book #20 on the New Canadian Library list and we are only on our fourth woman. It sounds like a Canadian new-world romance. Should be right up my alley.