The Books


New Canadian Library

Published by McClelland & Stewart

No. Author Title
NCL 1 Grove, Frederick Philip Over Prairie Trails
NCL 2 Callaghan, Morley Such Is My Beloved
NCL 3 Leacock, Stephen Literary Lapses
NCL 4 Ross, Sinclair As For Me And My House
NCL 5 Roy, Gabrielle The Tin Flute
NCL 6 Chandler Haliburton, Thomas The Clockmaker
NCL 7 Roberts, Charles G. D. The Last Barrier And Other Stories
NCL 8 MacLennan, Hugh Barometer Rising
NCL 9 Thomas H. Raddall At The Tide’s Turn And Other Stories
NCL 10 Leacock, Stephen Arcadian Adventures With The Idle Rich
NCL 11 Drummond, William Henry Habitant Poems
NCL 12 Ringuet Thirty Acres
NCL 13 Graham, Gwethalyn Earth And High Heaven
NCL 14 Connor, Ralph The Man From Glengarry
NCL 15 Leacock, Stephen Sunshine Sketches Of A Little Town
NCL 16 McCulloch, Thomas The Stepsure Letters
NCL 17 Callaghan, Morley More Joy In Heaven
NCL 18 Ostenso, Martha Wild Geese
NCL 19 Grove, Frederick PhilipThe Master Of The Mill
NCL 20 Duncan, Sara Jeannette The Imperialist
NCL 21 de la Roche, Mazo Delight
NCL 22 Klein, A. M. The Second Scroll
NCL 23 Buckler, Ernest The Mountain And The Valley
NCL 24 Kreisel, Henry The Rich Man
NCL 25 Roy, Gabrielle Where Nests The Water Hen
NCL 26 Lemelin, Roger The Town Below
NCL 27 Brooke, Frances The History Of Emily Montague
NCL 28 Leacock, Stephen My Discovery Of England
NCL 29 Wilson, Ethel Swamp Angel
NCL 30 MacLennan, Hugh Each Man’s Son
NCL 31 Moodie, Susanna Roughing It In The Bush
NCL 32 Knister, Raymond White Narcissus
NCL 33 Callaghan, Morley They Shall Inherit The Earth
NCL 34 Birney, Earle Turvey
NCL 35 Leacock, Stephen Nonsense Novels
NCL 36 Stead, R. J. C. Grain
NCL 37 Bosworth, Fred Last Of The Curlews
NCL 38 Raddall, Thomas H. The Nymph And The Lamp
NCL 39 Moore, Brian Judith Hearne
NCL 40 Roy, Gabrielle The Cashier
NCL 41 Marlyn, John Under The Ribs Of Death
NCL 42 Grainger, M. Allerdale Woodsmen Of The West
NCL 43 Leacock, Stephen Moonbeams From The Larger Lunacy
NCL 44 Hiebert, Paul Sarah Binks
NCL 45 Richler, Mordecai Son Of A Smaller Hero
NCL 46 Jameson, Anna Brownell Winter Studies And Summer Rambles In Canada
NCL 47 Meade, Edward Remember Me
NCL 48 Leacock, Stephen Frenzied Fiction
NCL 49 Grove, Frederick Philip Fruits Of The Earth
NCL 50 Grove, Frederick Philip Settlers Of The Marsh
NCL 51 Traill, Catharine Parr The Backwoods Of Canada
NCL 52 McCourt, Edward Music At The Close
NCL 53 Leacock, Stephen My Remarkable Uncle
NCL 54 Watson, Sheila The Double Hook
NCL 55 Dunlop, William Tiger Dunlop’s Upper Canada
NCL 56 Roy, Gabrielle Street Of Riches
NCL 57 Leacock, Stephen Short Circuits
NCL 58 Richardson, John Wacousta
NCL 59 Laurence, Margaret The Stone Angel
NCL 60 Leacock, Stephen Further Foolishness
NCL 61 Davies, Robertson Samuel Marchbank’s Almanack
NCL 62 Ross, Sinclair The Lamp At Noon And Other Stories
NCL 63 Roberts, Theodore Goodridge The Harbor Master
NCL 64 Traill, Catharine Parr The Canadian Settler’s Guide
NCL 65 Kirby, William The Golden Dog
NCL 66 Richler, Mordecai The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz
NCL 67 Leacock, Stephen Behind The Beyond
NCL 68 De Mille, James A Strange Manuscript Found In A Copper Cylinder
NCL 69 Leacock, Stephen Last Leaves
NCL 70 Laurence, Margaret The Tomorrow-Tamer
NCL 71 Woodcock, George Odysseus Ever Returning
NCL 72 Grey, Francis William The Cure Of St. Philippe
NCL 73 Cohen, Leonard The Favourite Game
NCL 74 Leacock, Stephen Winnowed Wisdom
NCL 75 Parker, Gilbert The Seats Of The Mighty
NCL 76 Grove, Frederick Philip A Search For America
NCL 77 Kreisel, Henry The Betrayal
NCL 78 Blais, Marie-Claire Mad Shadows
NCL 79 Richler, Mordecai The Incomparable Atuk
NCL 80 Moore, Brian The Luck Of Ginger Coffey
NCL 81 Waddington, Miriam John Sutherland: Essays, Controversies and Poems
NCL 82 Wiebe, Rudy Henry Peace Shall Destroy Many
NCL 83 Davies, Robertson A Voice From The Attic
NCL 84 Aquin, Hubert Prochain Episode
NCL 85 Raddall, Thomas H. Roger Sudden
NCL 86 Evans, Hubert Mist On The River
NCL 87 Laurence, Margaret The Fire-Dwellers
NCL 88 LePan, Douglas Deserter
NCL 89 Leprohon, Rosanna Antoinette De Mirecourt
NCL 90 Leclerc, Felix Allegro
NCL 91 Gallant, Mavis The End Of The World And Other Stories
NCL 92 Scott, Duncan Campbell In The Village Of Viger And Other Stories
NCL 93 Atwood, Margaret The Edible Woman
NCL 94 Grove, Frederick Philip In Search Of Myself
NCL 95 Davies, Robertson Feast Of Stephen
NCL 96 Laurence, Margaret A Bird In The House
NCL 97 McCourt, Edward The Wooden Sword
NCL 98 Raddall, Thomas Pride’s Fancy
NCL 99 Buckler, Ernest Ox Bells And Fireflies
NCL 100 Ludwig, Jack Above Ground
NCL 101 Traill Spence Lowell, Robert New Priest In Conception Bay
NCL 102 Niven, Frederick The Flying Years
NCL 103 Dewdney, Selwyn Wind Without Rain
NCL 104 Blais, Marie-Claire Tete Blanche
NCL 105 O’Hagan, Howard Tay John
NCL 106 Aubert de Gaspe, Philippe. Translated by Sir Roberts, Charles G. D. Canadians Of Old
NCL 107 MacMechan, Archibald Headwaters Of Canadian Literature
NCL 108 Wiebe, Rudy The Blue Mountains Of China
NCL 109 Roy, Gabrielle The Hidden Mountain
NCL 110 Roberts, Charles G. D. The Heart Of The Ancient Wood
NCL 111 Laurence, Margaret A Jest Of God
NCL 112 Lewis, Wyndham Self Condemned
NCL 113 Langevin, Andre Dust Over The City
NCL 114 Grove, Frederick Philip Our Daily Bread
NCL 115 Woodcock, George The Canadian Novel In The Twentieth Century
NCL 116 Goodman Salverson, Laura The Viking Heart
NCL 117 Birney, Earle Down The Long Table
NCL 118 Connor, Ralph Glengarry School Days
NCL 119 Lemelin, Roger The Plouffe Family
NCL 120 Roy, Gabrielle Windflower
NCL 121 Cohen, Matt The Disinherited
NCL 122 Wiebe, Rudy The Temptations Of Big Bear
NCL 123 Fraser, Sylvia Pandora
NCL 124 Janes, Percy House Of Hate
NCL 125 Blondal, Patricia A Candle To Light The Sun
NCL 126 Laurence, Margaret This Side Jordan
NCL 127 Roberts, T. G. The Red Feathers
NCL 128 Moore, Brian I Am Mary Dunne
NCL 129 Roy, Gabrielle The Road Past Altamont
NCL 130 Godbout, Jacques Knife On The Table
NCL 131 Thomas, Clara The Manawaka World Of Margaret Laurence
NCL 132 Grove, Frederick Philip Consider Her Ways
NCL 133 Raddall, Thomas His Majesty’s Yankees
NCL 134 Gerin-Lajoie, Antoine Jean Rivard
NCL 135 Galt, John Bogle Corbet
NCL 136 Richler, Mordecai A Choice Of Enemies
NCL 137 Brown, E. K. Responses And Evaluations: Essays On Canada
NCL 138 Macphail, Sir Andrew The Master’s Wife
NCL 139 Buckler, Ernest The Cruelest Month
NCL 140 Bosworth, Fred The Atonement Of Ashley Morden
NCL 141 Thompson Seton, Ernest Wild Animals I Have Known
NCL 142 Harlow, Robert Scann
NCL 143 Smith, A. J. M. On Poetry And Poets
NCL 144 Wiseman, Adele Crackpot
NCL 145 Ross, Sinclair Sawbones Memorial
NCL 146 Laurence, Margaret The Diviners
NCL 147 Crighton, Luella High Bright Buggy Wheels
NCL 148 Braque, Jacques Big Lonely
NCL 149 Cohen, Matt Wooden Hunters
NCL 150 Child, Philip God’s Sparrows
NCL 151 Guevrement, Germaine The Outlander
NCL 152 Richler, Mordecai The Great Comic Book Heroes And Other Essays By Mordecai Richler
NCL 153 Cohen, Leonard Beautiful Losers
NCL 154 Moore, Brian The Emperor Of Ice-Cream
NCL 155 Wiebe, Rudy The Scorched Wood People
NCL 156 Roy, Gabrielle Garden In The Wind And Enchanted Summer
NCL 157 MacLeod, Alistair The Lost Salt Gift Of Blood
NCL 158 Smith, Ray Lord Nelson Tavern
NCL 159 Faessler, Shirley Everything In The Window
NCL 160 Hood, Hugh The Camera Always Lies
NCL 161 Joudry, Patricia The Selena Tree
NCL 162 Russell, Franklin Watchers At The Pond
NCL 163 Thomas, Audrey Two In The Bush And Other Stories
NCL 164 Woods, Grahame Bloody Harvest
NCL 165 Kattan, Naim The Neighbour And Other Stories
NCL 166 Blais, Marie-Claire The Manuscripts Of Pauline Archange
NCL 167 McFee, Oonah Sandbars
NCL 168 Metcalf, John Selected Stories
NCL 169 Wiebe, Rudy The Angel Of The Tar Sands And Other Stories
NCL 170 Wilson, Ethel The Innocent Traveller
NCL 171 Cohen, Matt The Sweet Second Summer Of Kitty Malone
NCL 172 Engel, Marian Bear
NCL 173 Houston, James Spirit Wrestler
NCL 174 Richards, David Adams The Coming Of Winter
NCL 175 Gibson, Graeme Five Legs And Communion
NCL 176 Leacock, Stephen Laugh With Leacock
NCL 177 Beresford-Howe, Constance The Book Of Eve
NCL 178 Bruce, Charles The Channel Shore
NCL 179 Clarke, Austin C. Amongst Thistles And Thorns
NCL 180 Cohen, Matt Flowers Of Darkness
NCL 181 Godfrey, Dave The New Ancestors
NCL 182 van Herk, Aritha Judith
NCL 183 Blais, Marie-Claire St. Lawrence Blues
NCL 184 Richards, David Adams Blood Ties
NCL 185 Richler, Mordecai St. Urbain’s Horseman
NCL 186 Sears, Dennis T. Patrick The Lark In The Clear Air
NCL 187 Richards, David Adams Lives Of Short Duration
NCL 188 Beresford-Howe, Constance A Population Of One
NCL 189 Engel, Marian Lunatic Villas
NCL 190 Richler, Mordecai Cocksure
NCL 191 Bruce, Charles The Township Of Time : A Chronicle
NCL 192 Hall, Chipman Bayo
NCL 193 Fred Bodsworth Fred Bodsworth
NCL 194 Turner-Hospital, Janette The Tiger In The Tiger Pit
NCL 195 Moore, Brian The Mangan Inheritance
NCL 196 van Herk, Aritha The Tent Peg
The following titles were published unnumbered
NCL n Moodie, Susanna Life In The Clearings Versus The Bush
NCL n Montgomery, L. M. Emily Climbs
NCL n Montgomery, L. M. Emily Of New Moon
NCL n Montgomery, L. M. Emily’s Quest
NCL n Wilson, Ethel The Equations Of Love
NCL n Wilson, Ethel Hetty Dorval
NCL n Wilson, Ethel Mrs. Golightly And Other Stories
NCL n Blais, Marie-Claire A Season In The Life Of Emmanuel
NCL n MacLeod, Alistair As Birds Bring Forth The Sun and Other Stories
NCL n Montgomery, L. M. Anne Of Green Gables
NCL n Ondaatje, Michael Running In The Family
NCL n Beauchemin, Yves The Alley Cat
NCL n Gallant, Mavis The Moslem Wife And Other Stories
NCL n Atwood, Margaret Surfacing
NCL n Atwood, Margaret Good Bones
NCL n Gallant, Mavis Across The Bridge
NCL n Gibson, Graeme Perpetual Motion
NCL n Atwood, Margaret Murder In The Dark : Short Fictions And Prose Poems
NCL n Elliott, George The Kissing Man
NCL n Hodgins, Jack The Resurrection Of Joseph Bourne
NCL n Watson, Sheila Deep Hollow Creek
NCL n Steffler, John The Afterlife Of George Cartwright
NCL n Mistry, Rohinton Tales From Firozsha Baag
NCL n Hodgins, Jack Spit Delaney’s Island
NCL n Hodgins, Jack The Invention Of The World
NCL n Leacock, Stephen My Financial Career And Other Follies
NCL n Laurence, Margaret The Prophet’s Camel Bell
NCL n Marshall, Joyce Any Time At All
NCL n Mistry, Rohinton Such A Long Journey
NCL n Richler, Mordecai Joshua Then And Now
NCL n Wilson, Ethel Love And Salt Water
NCL n Hood, Hugh Light shining out of darkness and other stories
NCL n Gerson, Carole and Davies, Gwendolyn Canadian Poetry From The Beginnings Through The First World War
NCL n Mitchell, W. O. Who has seen the wind
NCL n Richler, Mordecai The Street
NCL n Richler, Mordecai Acrobats
NCL n Bissoondath, Neil Digging Up the Mountains
NCL n Mistry, Rohinton A Fine Balance
NCL n Urquhart, Jane The Whirlpool
New Canadian Library Originals
NCL o 1 Ross, Malcolm Vol. I: Poets Of The Confederation
NCL o 2 Smith, A. J. M. Masks Of Fiction: Canadian Critics On Canadian Prose
NCL o 3 Smith, A. J. M. Masks Of Poetry: Canadian Critics On Canadian Verse
NCL o 4 Wilson, Milton Vol. III: Poetry Of Mid-Century 1940-1960
NCL o 5 Wilson, Milton Vol. II: Poets Between The Wars
NCL o 6 Birney, Earle The Poems Of Earle Birney
NCL o 7 Mandel, Eli Vol. IV: Poets Of Contemporary Canada 1960-1970
NCL o 8 Sinclair, David Vol. V: Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poems
NCL o 9 Sorfleet, John Robert The Poems Of Bliss Carman
NCL o 10 Purdy, Al The Poems Of Al Purdy
NCL o 11 Birney, Earle The Damnation Of Vancouver
NCL o 12 Mandel, Eli The Poems Of Irving Layton
NCL Writers series
NCL w 1 Duffy, Dennis Marshall McLuhan
NCL w 2 Wilson, Milton E. J. Pratt
NCL w 3 Thomas, Clara Margaret Laurence
NCL w 4 Sutherland, Ronald Frederick Philip Grove
NCL w 5 Ondaatje, Michael Leonard Cohen
NCL w 6 Woodcock, George Mordecai Richler
NCL w 7 Davies, Robertson Stephen Leacock
NCL w 8 Lucas, Alec Hugh MacLennan
NCL w 9 Robillard, Richard Earle Birney
NCL w 10 Bates, Ronald Northrop Frye
NCL w 11 New, William H. Malcolm Lowry
NCL w 12 Woodman, Ross G. James Reaney
NCL w 13 Hughes, Peter George Woodcock
NCL w 14 Lucas, Alec Farley Mowat
NCL w 15 Young, Alan R. Ernest Buckler
NCL w 16 Morley, Patricia Morley Callaghan
NCL w 17 Skelton Grant, Judith Robertson Davies

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